Friday, February 5, 2010

And I Thought I was Original...

Well, it's Nutella Day. And, while I had planned on making something awesome for this year (or at least something, since I was part of it the last 2 years!) the dreaded worlds of life and school got in my way. Coupled with the fact that for some odd reason I had pegged WND as being on the 18th instead of the 5th of February (Lord only knows why) and - well... I'm short.

But don't despair - I won't let the sun set on Nutella Day 2010 without at least a slight contribution from me! I have an oh-so-bad-for-you, totally not "Nutritionist Reccommended" but incredibly delicious breakfast I would sneak my young, "wild child" self once or twice a year when nobody was home to govern what was a "suitable" selection for me. I don't really recommend indulging in this sort of thing more than once or twice a year, though - unless you happen to be on Death Row, by which all means, eat as many as you like!

I had thought that the whole Nutella "Waffle-Wich" was an original of mine, but it turns out I'm way slower off the draw than I thought. I have yet to find a French toast style Nutella Waffle-Wich though, so I guess I'll lay claim to that!

Home-From School Special
Serves 1
2 Eggo waffles
2 eggs
splash of milk
dash of cinnamon
sprinkle of brown sugar
As much Nutella as you can stomach
butter or cooking spray
  1. Toast waffles until light brown (about 1 shade lighter than you usually would make them).
  2. Meanwhile, beat eggs, milk, cinnamon and brown sugar together until well blended.
  3. When Eggos are done toasting, slather one surface of one (or both) of the waffles and sandwich them together. You want a fairly hearty layer to ensure they stay together - plus its just darn tasty!
  4. Heat a skillet or frying pan with a touch of butter or cooking spray (you know, to be virtuous) over medium heat.
  5. Dip the waffle-wich into the egg, soaking the waffle well and coating all the sides thoroughly.
  6. Flip the waffle into the hot pan, pouring the remaining egg mixture overtop.
  7. Cook as you would any French toast, flipping halfway through. Serve immediately.
*Note: Come to think of it, really, I bet a good smoky bacon would kick serious butt in this waffle-wich too. But I'll leave that up to you. Or possibly Joel, if he gets there first.*


  1. How did I ever miss nutella day? Agh! Must make up for it today. :)

  2. I had never heard of Nutella day until this year. It's funny to me because Husband loves Nutella and insists that we have it almost constantly. (I love it, too, but I'm not an addict.)


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