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Hello, and welcome! 
Food is not only fuel for the body, but for the soul. As a nutritionist, I focus on using food science to mix the desire for comforting, homemade meals with the body's need for a healthy diet. I focus my approach on restricted and "specialty" dietary needs, as often we are left out of the communal nature of mealtimes by virtue of what we can't eat, rather than being included with what we can. On this blog you will find recipes free of gluten, meat, egg, dairy and/or tree nuts, all of which have been tested by family, friends and the children I teach in my Home Economics classes! 
The experience of cooking for yourself and your loved ones is unlike any other, and embracing it opens the door to a world of possibilities. Whether the recipe is for a sweet treat or a savoury main, if it can feed your whole self nothing is off limits. Even the most decadent recipes have a place on the table - once in a while! 

So welcome to What Smells So Good? where I have been bringing great taste to healthier food since 2007!

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