Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Foodie Movies... where are some of my favourites?

Premiere Magazine has released a list entitles "The Top 20 Most Mouthwatering Movie Moments." Now, I know that most of these are warranted, but they are missing Chocolat (come on... the original chili/chocolate combo!!), What's Cooking? (Thanksgiving dinners abound!) and the newbies on the scene Ratatouille and No Reservations! Plus who could forget the cake in Steel Magnolias?

To keep it going with the movie / food theme, here's a recipe I've been making for the past couple years that I've named Bangkok Cod. The movie connection to this yummy and easy fish dish is from my absolute adoration (and slight obsession) for The King and I, which is set in Bangkok, Siam (now Thailand). I played Anna in my elementary school's rendition of The King and I (sang the songs myself too, thank you very much! Deborah Kerr, I'm looking at you!), saw the musical live in Stratford, ON (also the home of some of the most amazing pizza ever), and own the anniversary edition of the DVD (thanks Dad!). I can't wait to go to Thailand like my mom did and see all the amazing things the country has to offer.

The fish is wonderfully flaky, crispy and a tiny bit salty. The spices are a great addition to the otherwise bland cod and the whole combination is the perfect light dinner for those who are branching into the culinary world of the exotic, without being too overwhelming.

Bangkok Cod
Serves 2
1 tsp each curry powder, cumin, garlic powder, paprika and black pepper
1/4 tsp salt
1/8 tsp cayenne
2 tbsp brown rice flour
2 cod fillets

  1. Heat a large fry pan over medium-low heat. Coat with cooking spray.
  2. Mix first three ingredients in a large, shallow dish.
  3. Coat fish with the mixture.
  4. Place fish in pan and cook, without moving it, until a crust forms on the underside.
  5. Flip fillets and cook until crusted on the other side.
  6. Serve alongside Jasmine rice and steamed broccoli for a great Thai feast!

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  1. Have you seen Tortilla Soup? It is a great food porn movie with a great story and family interactions as well!


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