Tuesday, July 29, 2008

After the Rain...

Finally! The week of constant rain we had been getting here finally let up for a day, and knowing what lay in store for me, I headed outside to our giant vegetable garden. Two garbage bags of pesky weeds later (why do they grow so fast?) I was finally able to start harvesting. And WHAT a harvest!

The photo doesn't do justice to what is still laying out there for me, but I gave in to my aching knees and itchy arms (apparently I'm allergic to something out there) after an hour, and called it a day. The white bowl is filled with the infamous purple beans, and I filled another, equally-sized bowl with those Hungarian Wax Peppers. A tiny green pepper and a baby Roma tomato rounded out the haul. I don't have a speck of a clue as to what's going to happen to all of this stuff (not to mention the other bean plants that I didn't manage to harvest), so I just left it all on our kitchen table for the "powers that be" to deal with.

While I was outside I had a tray of goodies chilling. What were they?? Well, you're going to have to wait, since I haven't finished them yet! They sure are popular in the foodie blog-o-sphere though...


  1. Pickle those peppers, or turn them into chutney, or (if they're not spicy) into a fruitmince!

  2. congratulations on your big harvest!! How exciting... I can't wait to see what u whip out with these beauties ;)


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