Wednesday, September 3, 2008

One Last Hurrah

This is me pretending that I'm up with the times! I know that the Labour Day long weekend is long over *sob* but I did so much over the course of it that I couldn't say it all at once - I'm just too lazy, and given the shaky state of my wireless connection I'd probably lose 3/4 of my post if I did! So, the easy way it is!

The Labour Day weekend always reminds me of BBQs and family gatherings, which is weird since I don't think I've been to one on Labour Day in a long time, if ever! Usually it's spent in a mix of lazy, casual morning and early afternoon lulls and the sudden oh my God school's tomorrow panic that comes on the Monday night. This weekend, like all the others I remember, was devoid of a "get together" style of BBQ (though corn and burgers were cooked up on Sunday night), but filled with more than it's fair share of work! Apparently "time off" is code for "do your other work" in the real world, so other work it was!

The most major event of this past Labour Day was moving my dad and Martha into their new house on Saturday. I immediately took over the kitchen organization tasks (cue Andrew... "you always take over!") and together with Andrew, my sister and my grandma we got the whole thing sorted. The best part about his new house: GAS STOVE!! Very very awesome. I can't wait to get cooking on it!

Sunday was less work-intensive, outwardly. Our search for good enough weather to golf in (a belated birthday gift to Andrew) was answered overly so: we had a gorgeous, warm, sunny and non-humid morning and we took full advantage! 9 holes didn't quite tire us out (or over heat us) enough, though, so Andrew and I went out to the backyard thing that's taking over the yard garden and spent an hour picking. And picking. And picking!

The patio table was a sea of red. When the two "adults" of the household did return (apparently the way home from the course involved a side trip westward to a golf shop) they were pretty much beyond words at the immense amount we had. Hot peppers, sweet peppers, carrots, beets, beans! Tomatoes, too, you know, in case you couldn't tell...

I'm pretty sure any spare time I have next weekend is going to be spent drying more of these suckers. It's a good thing, though, 'cause we've been mowing through the previous batches! I'll just have to remember to save a bag or two for winter, and not gobble these down too!


  1. Wow that looks like a lot of picking...phew but everything looks fresh and inviting :)

  2. You just can't know how envious I am of your garden!

  3. i had fun picking the veggies with you

  4. that kitchen looks awesome, as do those tomatoes!!!

  5. I say gobble away - one of the things that makes tomato season so wonderful is that it is short and sweet. Gorging on tomatoes is part of the tradition.


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