Sunday, February 15, 2009

Good in Theory

Well, I tried at least.

I'm bad when it comes to giving gifts. Iam, if nothing else, two things: a) cheap (being a broke student does that to you) and b) totally uninspired without actually going to the mall for hours on end (which I never have... don't know about you!) and browsing until something catches my eye. I'm also a really bad romantic, which means that on Valentine's Day I'm pretty much screwed unfortunate. I can bake though, and I have at least a general idea of the kind of things Andrew likes... and how poorly could a batch of homemade anything go over, even without a card or anything else gifty-wise (I told you I suck at the whole romance thing)?

I knew Andrew would be showing up at my doorstep yesterday not only with sushi (that man is an absolute god, people... you have no idea how much love I have for sushi) but more than likely with some sweet, romantic gesture like he has every V-Day we spent together (not to mention random surprises year round!). Being pretty much locked to my computer for the past week in order to finish a presentation assignment that's due Thursday (and yet I'm still not done), I hadn't really put too much thought into the social part of the weekend until yesterday morning when I realized that I had nothing for this sappy holiday. Nada, nil, zippo. But, as luck would have it, I spent some time in my Pilates class casting my mind around for inspiration (mental calmness be damned!) and thought about the good old standby of cookies. Show me a man who doesn't like cookies? And dark chocolate cookies with red bits of candy in them... candy corn to be precise... well, that conjured up pretty images of polka-dotted discs just waiting to be set upon by a particular sugar-loving fiend.

This is what I got:

A verifiable Valentine's Day cookie massacre of sorts played out on the cookie sheet. Um, yeah - apparently candy corn (the mostly sugar things they are) melts in a hot oven, and doesn't really re-form all that much. When you take into account that there was 4 1/4 oz of the stuff in the dough (plus 2 tbsp of mini chocolate chips because I couldn't stop myself), bad things happen. Namely, sheets of sticky liquid sugar goo all over the cookie sheets (which thank God I lined with SilPat - that product is gold, people! Not to mention yet another gift from Andrew) in a creepily blood-red shade, and huge craters all throughout otherwise perfectly-baked cookies. Let's just say I was not thrilled with my incompetence!

However, when Andrew came by and saw them, he dove right in to the just-cooled ones on the racks and declared them incredibly tasty. I had chosen to fold the pliable sugary sheets back onto the tops of the baked cookies like a little package just because it was easier than trying to cut around all the rounds, so in the end they didn't look bad - just not good.

But hey, if looks were all that mattered, there would be precious few Valentine's Day celebrants out there!


Anonymous said...

This looks like one of my baking experiments! I tend to forget about the physical properties of the food I am making :)

Taste is all that really matters though, glad they turned out well!

StreamingGourmet said...

I totally respect bloggers who publish the disasters as well as the successes!

Amy said...

I have things like this happen to me ALL the time. And it's the taste and thought that really matter!