Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Brief Explanation

I'm so sorry for disappearing on everyone these past couple weeks. School has been nothing short of insane! For a little bit of a visual as to what's been the time-suck of late, I give you the first gigantor paper of these two weeks: we had 7 days to compile this sucker, and it was 46 pages!! Apparently our next assignment (due a week from now FYI) is even bigger - some people are pushing 60 pages right now and aren't near done! Me? I'm on page.... well, zero. But that's what ignoring lectures in class are for: writing dang term papers, right?

I promise, when I come back I'm bringing CHOCOLATE!!!

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  1. Oh, chica: others have more than that to write. Trust me. I have to deliver between 70 and 100 THOUSAND words by the 6th of May. Yeah, it's only in draft form, but still.

    OK, I'll admit, you're about 8 years behind me in terms of education, but still: 46 pages? My APPENDICES are longer than that, and they're not even complete yet!


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