Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Irish Multigrain Bread #Breadbakers

How do you celebrate the 17th of March? While I don't drink, my fellow teachers have the luck of the Irish around them, since St. Pat's almost always falls during March Break. Of course, regardless of whether we party all night or simply wear the green, the morning after we all need a good, hearty and nutritious breakfast to get going. When I found Yvette van Boven's recipe for Irish Multigrain Bread in her book Home Baked, I knew it would be perfect for the St. Patty's Day week - it is so easy (and fast) to whip up, you could bake a loaf on a weeknight in you wanted, or (if you're an early bird) stick a pan of it in the oven first thing before the rest of the world gets up an hour late thanks to Daylight Savings time. My favourite part of making this loaf is that there is no kneading - perfect for bicep-less me - and with only 1 rise in the pan you can't overhandle it while shaping.

Irish Multigrain Bread

The resulting drain-filled loaf is dense but light enough to have for breakfast, and with both oats and Q'ia cereal in the crumb it's almost a portable bowl of porridge in itself. Unlike porridge, though, this bread makes excellent toast and soaks up any Toast Topper you throw at (or on) it, but is moist enough to stand alone as well, possibly as a side to a soup like Beef Barley "Semi-Strone".

#BreadBakers is a group of bread loving bakers who get together once a month to bake bread with a common ingredient or theme. You can see all our of lovely bread by following our Pinterest board right here. Links are also updated after each event on the #BreadBakers home page.

We take turns hosting each month and choosing the theme/ingredient. If you are a food blogger and would like to join us, just send Stacy an email with your blog URL to foodlustpeoplelove@gmail.com.


Check out the Irish Breads that our fellow #BreadBakers have baked this month:

Irish Multigrain Bread
Makes 1 loaf, 16 slices
25 g Q'ia cereal (or buckwheat kernels, or millet)
30 g large flake oats
20 g pot barley
2 ½ cups warm water, divided
200 g whole wheat bread flour
150 g spelt flour
50 g potato flour
4 tsp instant yeast
1 tsp salt
1 tbsp honey
Oats, to sprinkle
  1. Combine the Q'ia, oats, barley and 1 cup of water in a jar. Let stand 1 hour, up to overnight.
  2. Grease a large loaf pan and sprinkle bottom with more oats. Set aside. 
  3. Combine the dry ingredients (except sprinkling oats) in a large bowl. 
  4. Whisk the honey and remaining water into the soaked mixture and add to the flour. 
  5. Beat with a wooden spoon to make a very wet dough mixture. Scrape the batter into the loaf pan, smooth the top and sprinkle with oats. 
  6. Cover and let rise 30 minutes. 
  7. Heat the oven to 425F with a stone on the middle rack. 
  8. Bake the loaf for 35 minutes. Remove loaf from the pan onto the baking stone and bake 15 minutes longer. 
  9. Cool completely before slicing. 
Amount Per Serving
Calories: 112.9
Total Fat: 1.1 g
Cholesterol: 0.0 mg
Sodium: 10.4 mg
Total Carbs: 15.7 g
Dietary Fiber: 3.6 g
Protein: 2.7 g

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