Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Party Like a Pineapple this #internationalpineappleday #DOLEdoes #DOLEcanada

Party Like a PineappleSome superfoods are just undeniable for their goodness. Beets. Kale. Kefir. Blueberries. Their benefits are on the lips of dietitians and naturopaths everywhere, fixing everything from wrinkles to exhaustion and high blood pressure. One of the superfoods people don't seem to talk about anymore, though, is pineapple! For years it was in all sorts of homemaking magazine recipes, but I often see it relegated to the "beverage" section of most people's cooking these days. In fact, up until very recently, the last time I ate pineapple was on a pizza!

However, pineapple deserves some respect of its own. First off, the fruit is one of the most perfect marriages of sweet and tangy I've tasted in nature, and it has that wonderful aroma of summer without even needing to be cut. It works in both sweet and savoury applications, works well hot or cold, and is available in pretty much every grocery store. Besides being delicious, pineapples are nutrition packed. A mere cup of  pineapple chunks crushes your vitamin C requirements for the day, and gives you some zinc, potassium, phosphorus and magnesium too.

However, my favourite part about tucking into a slice is that the fresh fruit is rich in an enzyme called bromelian. This little nutrient is a powerhouse at digesting protein, which is why pineapple doesn't work in Jell-O, and it helps to ease inflammation (as with arthritis or injury) as well as aid in proper digestion. Unfortunately, cooking or canning destroys this precious enzyme, but leaves behind the vitamin and mineral package which has been shown to help prevent or reduce the severity of colds, sinusitis and tonsillitis, boost bone health and provide a fantastic, all natural energizing effect.

Flu Fighters

Since today is International Pineapple Day, I figured I'd share a new Dole product I've discovered in addition to their established line of canned fruit. Their Fruit Pouches are available in Fruit Cocktail with Cherries, Mandarin Oranges, Sliced Peaches, Sliced Pears, and Pineapple Chunks, and not only pack easily into travel coolers (great for picnics) but are resealable and BPA free. I never had issues with leakage, but the pouches stay standing in the fridge should you not finish the pack all at once. The fruit never tastes metallic, and I like that you can take out just what you need for a recipe or snack without opening a can and figuring out what to do with the leftovers. As a single cook, that feature alone is perfect!

If you need recipe inspiration be sure to check out the Dole Canada website. How do you like your pineapple? 

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