Thursday, June 7, 2018

Cooking’s Next Big Thing is In Your Kitchen

It’s an exciting time to be a foodie, as modern chefs are revolutionizing the industry on a seemingly daily basis, but dining out can be expensive and Canadians are expected to spend an additional $208 each this year at restaurants. Julia Child said of cooking, “this is my advice to people: Learn how to cook, try new recipes, learn from your mistakes, be fearless, and above all have fun.” That applies to the fun you can have by taking the hottest trends in dining out and learning to make them in the comfort of your own home. From elevating common foods to something greater to the excitement of performative cooking you can learn from the pros and save money at the same time by making your own chef-inspired meals.
Get Hot with Hibachi Grilling
A night at a hibachi grill is guaranteed to be full of entertainment and delicious foods, as chefs dazzle patrons with their cooking techniques. You can create your own hibachi experience by purchasing a portable griddle or a griddle range for your stove top. With hibachi-style cooking you cook your whole meal on the flat top allowing for the creation of tasty Asian-inspired dishes to enjoy with your friends and family.

Take Pub Food to the Next Level
No trend is currently hotter than gastropubs. Combining the comfort foods of your favourite hole-in-the-wall with the refined touch of fine dining you get delicious and unique takes on everyone’s top dishes. As Ryan Hibbert, CEO of Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row, explains, at a gastropub “the quality of the food, service and entertainment is exponentially better than what you get at other places.” To get started making your own gastropub-inspired meal, pick out your favourite late night bar order and then imagine how a Michelin Star chef would make it. Use high-quality ingredients and creativity and you’ll end up with a tasty meal that’s one of a kind.

Keep It In the Neighborhood
The value of fresh ingredients cannot be understated, and from that principal has developed the hyper-local cooking movement. At a hyper-local restaurant, not only will you be guaranteed that all of your food is being made fresh, but also that it contains only ingredients grown right on the premises. Hyper-local cooking is something you can do at home, too. If you have a yard with some free space you have the ability to begin cultivating your own source of hyper-local ingredients. From tending to your home garden to raising animals like chickens for meat and byproducts, there is a special level of satisfaction which comes from cooking a meal and knowing that you made it all on your own.
There are so many options available to a home cook looking to incorporate new tips and tricks, and the only limit is your willingness to push your limits and try something new. Find a cooking style that speaks to you and sounds fun then get started. The sooner you make your first hyper-local, hibachi or gastropub style meal, the sooner you can taste it, learn from it, and get to work thinking about the second and third ones. Give yourself the gift of a delicious dinner by taking your favourite restaurant home with you, and enjoy the tasty fruits of your labour.

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