Tuesday, September 25, 2018

How to Have a Filling Brunch

When you look at the brunch menu in some of the best restaurants in NoMad, you might be initially disappointed thinking that they are only light meals. For heavy-eaters, they might feel as if they are just appetizers. With this, in the rest of this post, we will quickly share some insights on what you should eat to have a filling brunch! 

Avocado Toast

I have tasted a lot of avocado toasts in the past, but none has been as mouthwatering as what I had in Scarpetta, an Italian restaurant in NYC. From the way it looks, you can easily say that it will indeed be filling. To make it even more flavorful, it comes with Aleppo pepper, onions, and lemon. The avocado on the top tastes so fresh! It is perfect in every bite!

Deviled Eggs

Another quintessential brunch item, deviled eggs are sure to make a filling meal. If you think that eggs are boring, having them deviled is an excellent way to add life to it through hot condiments or spices. One pair of deviled eggs can be a source of up to six grams of protein, which also explains why it can easily fill up your tummy!


For healthy eaters, brunch will not be complete without a salad. A bowl of greens will be an excellent way to start any meal. It already fills up the stomach without the need to worry about the calories. Of course, this is provided that the salad has the right ingredients. Some of the must-haves for a delicious brunch salad include tomato, avocado, lettuce, olives, croutons, spinach, kale, and cucumber, among others. Make sure to pair it up with healthy salad dressings, which include mango vinaigrette, Greek dressing, and raspberry balsamic.


A stack of pancakes with delicious toppings will be another essential to make your brunch filling. Stay away from artificial sweeteners. Honey or pure maple syrup will be great alternatives to those that are laden with sugar. As for the toppings, opt for fruits and get rid of creams. Blueberries, apples, and pears will be great. If you feel like giving yourself a cheat from your strict diet, greasy strips of bacon will surely be a treat!


Something a simple as yogurt can be filling, making it another great choice for a brunch. If plain yogurt seems to be too simple and bland for you, make it a parfait! Top it with ingredients that can make you even feel fuller, such as chia seeds, banana, apple, mango, and berry.


If you cannot eat your fruits and vegetables, drink them in the form of a smoothie. This is especially great for the kids! The key here is to choose the right ingredients. Otherwise, the smoothie will be nothing but empty calories. For a mouthwatering smoothie that will also make you feel full, some of the best ingredients to use include banana, strawberry, mango, blueberry, and cucumber.

With the foods that have been mentioned above, you will look forward to the next time you will have brunch! They will surely make a hearty and filling meal!

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