Monday, September 18, 2023

Spicing things up with PepperMate's Traditional Pepper Mill

In the world of seasonings, no spice holds a reputation quite like pepper. My love of those pungent seeds - whether they are black, white, red or pink - is no secret. Salads and roasted vegetables get a liberal dose of coarse cracked pepper, and the breading mix we use for our "zucchini coins" is kissed with a finer grind. 

Now, I don't set out to be a food snob. However, when it comes to things that add flavour, I am on the picky side. Nothing compares to freshly ground spices - and while I do rely on some pre-ground ones (like paprika, cayenne, ginger and turmeric), I buy them in tiny quantities to prevent the sawdusty taste the 6 month old Costco-size bottle takes on. With pepper, I don't have to look any further than a sturdy, reliable pepper mill - and when I received the PepperMate Traditional Pepper Mill to test and review, my search for the perfect one is over.

Photo Courtesy of Peppermate

What makes this pepper mill stand out, you ask? Looking past the celebrity endorsements (Ina Garten used one in her Food Network program), I wanted to focus solely on how this tool could benefit the everyday cook's kitchen. Additionally, since both I and others in my family have arthritis, I wanted to put this pepper mill to the test from that perspective as well.

1. Adjustable Grind
One of my favourite features of the PepperMate Traditional Pepper Mill is the adjustable grind dial. The dial is located under the top cap, and provides precise control over the coarseness of your pepper. Grinds are consistent, and I haven't had any jamming issues.

2. Easy to Turn Knob
Arthritis sufferers and cooks wanting to get kids into the kitchen, rejoice! This grinder relies on a windmill-like knob on the side of the tool rather than a top-twisting system to operate. It's ergonomic and easy to turn - even my 3 year old nephew was able to use it. Additionally, it only takes a few twists to grind a hefty amount of pepper.

3. Loading and Storing Ground Spices
Loading this mill is a breeze - pop off the top cap and add your peppercorns (or other spices - this mill can easily grind mustard seed, fenugreek and coriander). Make sure to adjust the grind first, if you need to, since the dial is in that compartment. Ground spices fall into the bottom cap, which acts as a sealed container. I really like this feature, since when I'm making spice rubs I usually need a good amount of pepper and I can pre-grind it. Removing the caps is also easy on my stiff and sore thumbs, which is a major perk! My only issue is that the caps can pop off sporadically - if you're using this mill over the course of the week without having to re-load it, I suggest adding a bit of tape to the top cap. This advice also goes when you're cooking with kids... trust me on this one.

4. Ceramic Composition
I don't know about you, but our kitchen is regularly filled with steam. In addition, our kitchen also opens out to the backyard, and in the Summer, the humidity is thick. This grinder is made out of ceramic, making it highly resistant to corrosion and rust. As a result, this grinder will last you ages - whether you live in a humid climate, or in the arid areas of the world.

5. Pricing and Lifetime Warranty
At the time of writing, the PepperMate Traditional Pepper Mill retails for $39.99 on the official website and $29.99 on Amazon. While the sticker shock may be real - especially for casual cooks and those who usually gravitate to pre-ground pepper - this mill is proving to be a worthwhile investment. If something should go wrong with the grinding mechanism, PepperMate has a lifetime warranty on all of it's Traditional Pepper Mills. Simply register your product on their warranty page and you're set!

Overall, I highly recommend the PepperMate Traditional Pepper Mill for both casual and experienced cooks. With a easy to use knob, its a perfect option for arthritic hands and getting kids in the kitchen too - allowing everyone to have a burst of flavour in their meals!

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