Monday, October 30, 2023

Adagio Teas Advent Calendar

Tea lovers, get ready to sip your way through December because I've got something truly delightful to share with you: Adagio Tea's 2023 Advent Calendar! Once again, many thanks to Adagio for the opportunity to try out and review this product.


This advent calendar puts a warming twist on a holiday tradition: a merry little box filled to the brim with 24 delectable teas, carefully curated to make your countdown to the holidays even more magical. Each day, you'll find a unique tea sample waiting to be explored - and if you're like me and like to start your day with a warm mug on the go Adagio also has fantastic travel infusers.

What's Inside?

Now, what good would it be if I gave away the secrets inside the advent calendar? All the teas in both the standard and decaf advent calendars are free of gluten, dairy, and nuts as well as being vegan-friendly. If you truly can't wait to know what's inside, Adagio provides a spoiler at the bottom of the order pages for each - but you didn't hear that from me!

What I can tell you is that you will find some special edition and exclusive teas in these calendars that you won't find anywhere else, and you'll never be bored! My family and I tested out the teas in one of the calendars I was sent and we have nothing but great things to say about them. This isn't surprising, as Ive worked with Adagio before and their teas are always chock-full of flavour, infuse well, and many make excellent iced teas when cooled.

Pricing and Shipping

If you're looking for a holiday give on  budget, look no further - both the bagged and loose varieties of the Adagio Tea 2023 Advent Calendar are only $34 USD. Shipping within the USA is an additional $3.75 or FREE for orders over $49, and orders arrive within 7 days of placing an order. For additional shipping rates and times click here.

Just like everything around the holidays, this Advent Calendar is available in limited quantities. So grab yours now before it disappears like a puff of steam!

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