Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Kitchen Insanity...

My knife and cutting board (not to mention oven and stove) have been worked to the bone over the past few days. I swear, today I almost passed out at my kitchen table after a day that went like this:

  1. Wake up at 7AM after a restless night (I don't sleep very well).
  2. Fight with the dog to go outside so he can not pee all over the place, then fight to get him into his crate so I can rush out the door.
  3. Rush out the door to drive to Brooklin (about 15 min away) in order to pick up the little sister TEAGHAN (there, happy? I mentioned you!) and take her to school.
  4. Pick up TEAGHAN. Drive the 20 minutes to Ajax.
  5. Drop off TEAGHAN.
  6. Drive about 1/2 hour back to Oshawa, and with some demonic posession, hit the gym.
  7. Finish working out, drive to the local polling station to vote for the Ontario premier.
  8. Come home. Take out chicken for TEAGHAN's dinner.
  9. Preheat oven to 350F. Begin to make breakfast.
  10. Run to the basement to grab ingredients for the first bakery order of the day.
  11. Rush back upstairs to realize breakfast is mostly ruined. Salvage and scarf what I can.
  12. Complete bakery order #1 (Banana Bread). Place in oven.
  13. Make pie crust for this weekend's installment of Apple Butter Pumpkin Pie for Grandpa's birthday (recipe later). Stick in fridge.
  14. Realize my lunch stir-fry sauce is running out. Proceed to make more.
  15. Remove Bakery Order #1 from oven, heat oven to 450F.
  16. Get woozy, eat yummy Jonagold apple to maintain blood sugar (note: I still haven't sat down yet).
  17. Begin pie crusts for 3 double crust apple pies (orders #2, #3, and #4).
  18. Almost pass out, make lunch. Eat (sitting down, thank God).
  19. Complete pastry dough componenent of pies.
  20. Take phone call for bakery order confirmations (and a working lunch, yay!) while peeling, coring and chopping 15 hand-picked apples for pie.
  21. Begin pie assembly.
  22. Realize oven is only large enough for 2 pies at once.
  23. Stick 2 pies in oven, try to figure out where to place pie #3 since fridge is not large enough.
  24. Settle with keeping pie on counter.
  25. Clean up.
  26. Begin making a snack to fix dipping blood sugar.
  27. Retrieve pies # 1 & 2 from oven, reheat oven to beginning temperature.
  28. Finish snack.
  29. Place pie #3 in oven. Retreat to room, sit down (time now is about 4:30PM).
  30. Check work and personal e-mails.
  31. Retrieve pie #3 from oven. Turn off oven (finally!) and let it recover. Time is now 5:30PM.

That was just the work day (though I am truthfully in love with my job). After a break of about 30 minutes I proceeded to make dinner for the child, followed by my own, then run around the house looking for her Health Card because she wasn't feeling well. So now, I'm finally getting around to my blog. Tomorrow will be my entries for ARF and WHB, which I actually made yesterday, and for which I used the awesome SpiceDepot grinders that I still enjoy playing with (thanks again!).

The kicker? Tomorrow I get to do it all again!

Yeah, I know, I'm the world's biggest whiner ever. But I'm feeling crappy now, so I get to (Nananana boo boo)! All I can say is that I hope this flu-ish feeling I have in the back of my throat bites the dust before I do. Work is so much easier when your body cooperates, don't you think?

Well, take care, fellow readers, and good night.

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  1. OOOO harsh Sarah... what did I do to diserve this! Well thanks for mentioning me anyway even if it was in a semi negative way.

    -- Your Lord and Master,
    ps. I always wanted to write that :3


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