Thursday, August 13, 2009

No Cheese, Please

I have to admit I have been rather enamoured with Lindsay's blog lately. I always enjoyed reading it, but now that I'm beginning to cook from it I'm really appreciating the amazing variety of things she puts out in her kitchen and on her blog for all of us die hard foodies to savour! Be a vegan like her, vegetarian or even omniverous I defy you to admit that her recipes don't tempt!

That's one of the reasons I was drawn to this here pasta. It's a butt-ugly photo for sure - to me it looks like brains - but I mean what macaroni and cheese type meal looks particularly beautiful when it's hot, dished up and actually meant to be eaten? I'm not talking the stylized shots from magazines where what's on the plate is so gussied up it's pretty much inedible (not to mention stone-cold), I mean good, honest home cooking. And since I have next to no knowledge of Photoshop (even though I did buy it!) and a temperamental point-and-shoot at my disposal, well - I'll point you to the original post for the beauty.

I only wish I had enjoyed this pasta more - it's no fault of the recipe at all either so please don't fault Lindsay for it. I forgot, in my fervor to make the delicious looking food, that nutritional yeast is not the best of friends with my stomach. In fact, they're closer to arch enemies. I had steered clear of nooch since discovering that a couple years ago, but as I was stirring it in I was optimistic that maybe those previous episodes were flukes well behind me and that I could get on with a more adaptable menu! But, no, I'm sad to say.

The one great thing that came out of this experiment, other than renewing my sense of bravery in the kitchen, was the fact that I had something to bring to Presto Pasta Nights this week, where it's being hosted at Equal Opportunity Kitchen. Check back to the EOK blog tomorrow for the round up, I know I will!


  1. I too bombed at photoshop and have a simple point and shoot....mac and cheese however is pretty much impossible to photograph looking pretty!

    Sorry it gave you a belly ache :( I have a tendency to kid myself with tofu, that I'll be fine, that the thousand other times I've risked it and been violently ill are just flukes or imagined...but no, every time I risk it I am sorry. Glad you got to enjoy a little bit of it at least!

  2. Its too bad it didn't sit well with you


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