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Countdown to Toronto's Festival Of Beer - What Does Your Favourite Beer Say About You?

Only 18 days until the kickoff of Toronto's Festival of Beer! Personality tests are based off all sorts of things, from birthdates to moon phases to your favourite ice cream flavour. Why not give your favourite beer brew a whirl? Let me know how close you are to your "diagnosis" - I'm a stout fan and this was spot on!

Discover Your Beer Personality at Toronto’s Festival of Beer - What Your Favourite Beers Say About You!

Media Release | July, 2012 (TORONTO) – You might think that ordering a pint at your local watering hole is a simple task, but this not the case. Not only does your beer selection reflect your taste, the style of beer you prefer tells a great deal about your personality. The minds behind Toronto’s Festival of Beer have put together a list of some of the most popular styles and the traits associated with those who drink it. Read below to find out what your favourite beer says about you!

If you prefer: Ales
Then…You’ve got your pints in a row. You like to experiment, but you always go back to your old standby beers. You generally frequent a few favourite bars, but can be convinced to join your friends at new club from time to time. You’re most comfortable in jeans and a tshirt. You generally drink Cameron’s Cream Ale or Alexander Keith’s IPA.

If you prefer: Lagers
Then…The bartender knows your order off by heart. You don’t know a lot about beer but you know what you like and don’t usually veer from it. You prefer clubs over pubs and are the life of the party. You usually sport the latest style and add a splash of colour to make sure you stand out from the crowd…just a little. You can usually be found drinking Steam Whistle Pilsner or Moosehead Lager.

If you prefer: Fruits
Then…You’re a risk-taker. You’re willing to try the strangest sounding brews without a moment’s hesitation. You can usually be found whatever new clubs are opening. You’re on the cutting edge of fashion and are constantly pushing the envelope. You’ve tried Great Lakes Orange Peel Ale and Früli Strawberry and are always on the lookout for new beers to try.

If you prefer: Stouts
Then…You have your favourites and stick to them. Your local pub is a traditional, English-style pub. You have extensive knowledge of obscure facts and never cease to amaze your friends with trivia. You typically wear khakis and a dark sweater. Your brews of choice are likely Wellington Imperial Stout or St-Ambroise Oatmeal Stout.

If you prefer: Wheats
Then…You like going again the grain. You prefer beers with a distinct flavour, and wheat beers bring what you’re looking for to the table. You prefer edgy, undiscovered bars that have yet to be overrun by the hipster crowd. You dress to suit your mood, and regularly break with convention. You typically drink Mill St. Belgian Wit Beer or Grasshopper Wheat Ale.

If you prefer: Honeys
Then…You enjoy the little things in life. You prefer beers with a hint of sweetness to them. You prefer to spend your time on a patio with a cold brew in hand surrounded by your closest friends. You wear a lot of bright colours which reflect your outlook on life. You can usually be found sipping a pint of Laker Honey or Sleeman’s Honey Brown.

Not sure which beer is for you? Toronto’s Festival of Beer has over 120 different brands from all over the globe available for you to experience. Find your beer personality at the Festival and join thousands of others performing their own soul searching.

Toronto’s Festival of Beer is a celebration of Canada’s rich brewing history, showcasing experts of the brewing craft from around the world. Featuring more than 200 brands, Toronto’s Festival of Beer is Canada’s premier celebration of the golden beverage. The festival takes place July 27-29 at Bandshell Park in Exhibition Place, Toronto.

Tickets for Toronto’s Festival of Beer sell out in advance every year — this year is no exception as July 28th is already sold out. Tickets for the Festival can be purchased online at Tickets for each day are $38.50 with the ability to Hoptimize your experience for an extra $10. Hoptimizing your ticket will gain you early access to the Festival and 5 extra sample tokens. This is a 19+ event.

For more information about this year’s Toronto’s Festival of Beer, please visit

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