Thursday, August 31, 2017

Matcha Cupcakes (by @VivianCooking )

The distinct, but delicate flavours of matcha sing in these cupcakes by Vivian of Cooking is Passio...

Matcha Cupcake 3

Matcha isn't something I use a lot of. Let's face it, as a student and a part-time teacher, the tea is a little outside of my budget. I adore the delicate flavours of the green powder, though, and live vicariously through the ability of others to create wondrous dishes with it.

One of these chefs is blogger Vivian, who is sharing a recipe for Matcha Cupcakes on her blog, Cooking is Passio... today. These cupcakes simply sing with Matcha flavour, from the light base to the frosting. And the frosting! I can't wait to make even just that - it's worth the splurge.

But I'll let you find that out yourselves - visit Vivian's blog Cooking is Passio... to get the details!

Matcha Cupcake 4

Vivian has a huge passion for cooking. That's why she created "" to share her great love with other people. She believes that fine food is not only the key to promoting family cohesion, but it also helps make every member become closer.

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