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The Inspiring Story of Culinary Savant Guy Savoy

Guy Savoy is perhaps best known as Gordon Ramsey’s mentor, though he is also an equally outspoken celebrity chef in his own right. At 69 years old, the French culinary expert has significantly influenced the world's cuisine over the decades as well as food media. He was the voice actor of sous-chef Horst in the French version of Ratatouille, Disney’s animated blockbuster. With all his duties outside the kitchen, his most important work remains behind the bustling restaurant kitchen, where his meticulousness and passion make the difference between high-end cooking and creating masterpieces.


Michelin Star Worthy

Guy Savoy has three restaurants in Paris, and branched into the American market with Restaurant Guy Savoy in Las Vegas. His food palace in the bustling, casino-filled city has earned two Michelin stars. Las Vegas visitors get a sensory explosion between the glitter of the local casinos and the tastes of some of the best food in the world. For the food lovers in Canada (where no Michelin stars have been awarded to date), the next best thing you can do is to try and recreate some of Guy Savoy's recipes and replace the regular casinos with some digital alternatives such as Canadian online casino websites.

Savoy opened his first restaurant in New York, and following his success there he opened a restaurant in Paris in 1980. The creation of his signature artichoke and black truffle soup and other unique recipes lead to two Michelin stars awarded to him by 1985. Currently, Restaurant Guy Savoy in Paris has three Michelin stars, and it is commonly included in the top 50 restaurants in the world. La Liste had it listed as the best restaurant for four consecutive years.


Where it All Started

For many renowned French chefs, the inspiration begins at home. In his many interviews, Guy Savoy points out that the starting point of his food obsession was his mother's cooking, which according to the chef was quick and delicious. Guy Savoy experienced the magic of cooking outside the home early in his career when he saw the creation of the simple, yet decadent cookies known as langues de chat (cat's tongues). His 50 year-long career began with an apprenticeship (or stage) in Troisgros restaurant, a famous establishment in Ouche, France. After three years in a world-class restaurant, Guy Savoy decided to test his expertise and opened his New York restaurant.


Guy Savoy’s Philosophy of Cooking

All talented chefs can learn recipes and techniques, but the underlying emotion and personal feel for the aesthetics make the magic happen on the plate. The passion and presentation of everything for each meal is what earned his continuous recognition in the restaurant world. Savoy often said that the art of cooking gives life to the ingredients, and in his case this is absolutely true. Chef Savoy is on the French Mission for Food Culture and Heritage board, which helped get French gastronomy into UNESCO's cultural heritage list.

Being a highly decorated chef, Guy Savoy receivedn numerous awards for his leading restaurant. Along with the three Michelin stars, the restaurant has four stars in Bottin Gourmand, three plates in Pudlowski Guide, and a 6-Diamond Award from AAA. Chef Savoy was also awarded the Legion d'Honneur medal in 2008 for his contributions to French cuisine.

If you're lucky enough to snag a reservation in Paris or Las Vegas, you can experience Guy Savoy's authentic creations and a rich and well-thought menu. Such an experience is worth the wait, and the price justifies dining in one of the world's best restaurants.


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