Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Holiday Gift Ideas from Adagio Teas

Well, November somehow snuck up on me - whether this is a perk or a detriment of being in an accelerated college program (again), I can't quite figure out! While I've been compiling pages and pages of notes on legal matters, writing exams and planning one or two trips to escape the madness, one of the constants throughout the day is a cup of tea at my work station. 


Of course, lately my cups have been adorable thanks to the infuser mug Adagio Teas sent me with their Autumn Teas package, which perfectly hold a serving of their wide variety of brews! Speaking of variety, Adagio has come out with an incredible assortment of gifts to make your holiday giving easy and delicious!

First is the "12 Teas of Christmas" sampler, where single-serving pouches of a wide variety of loose leaf teas are packaged in adorable ornaments. My favourite of the bunch this year is Blue Mango (a throwback to the mango iced tea from them I tried over the summer) but White Pear and Golden Monkey are also wonderful to sip on when the frost is covering the ground. The sampler costs $24 USD (while supplies last).

The second holiday gift of the year is Adagio's Advent Calendar - 24 single-serving pouches (loose or bagged tea) are hidden in a gorgeous cardboard case for you to enjoy every day leading up to Christmas! Of course, if you (like me) are impatient, nothing is stopping you from opening them all and choosing your favourites! I won't ruin the surprise here, but if you are concerned about the ingredients you can find the information on Adagio's site by clicking the link above. The Calendar costs $29 USD (while supplies last).

Of course, that's not all that's happening this season - starting on Black Friday (that's November 26 for non-Americans) you can get a package of Reindeer Fuel tea as a gift with purchase. What's Reindeer Fuel you ask? Well, it's a blend of mint, chocolate, ginger and yerba maté wrapped up with black tea - Christmas in a cup, if you will. You can only get your hands on this with purchase on Adagio's site for a limited time, so don't delay!

Thanks again to Adagio for sending me this parcel!

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