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10 Craziest Culinary Guinness World Records

Culinary adventures might not be something we necessarily associate with the Guinness World Record, but Food and Drink are a very popular category for setting records. If you visit that section on the GWR website, you'll see all kinds of crazy records. Longest noodles, the largest serving of pancakes or the most expensive hotdog commercially available are just some of them. But human creativity goes way beyond the longest noodles or the largest serving of pancakes. We can do much better! Let's see some of the craziest culinary achievements worth mentioning in this article.

1. Most ice cream scoops balanced on a cone

You know when you have 2-3 scoops of ice cream on your cone and you have to eat them fast or they start dripping? Well, imagine how much would 123 scoops of ice cream drip, because that's exactly how many scoops Ashrita Furman from the USA balanced on a single cone in 2017.

2. Most ghost peppers eaten in two minutes

Ghost peppers held Guinness World Record for the hottest chilli pepper in the world until 2012, when it was beaten by the Trinidad Scorpion Butch T pepper in 2011 and the Carolina Reaper in 2013. Eating something 170 times hotter than Tabasco sauce obviously wasn't enough for Jason McNabb from the USA, who consumed 66 grams of ghost chilli peppers in just two minutes. Yikes!

3. Largest wedding cake in the world

Playing in an online casino for real money can make you hungry, but not hungry enough to eat this wedding cake because the whole thing weighed more the 6 metric tonnes. To be more precise, chefs at the Mohegan Sun Hotel and Casino, Connecticut, made a 6.818 tonnes wedding cake which was later displayed at their New England bridal showcase.

4. Largest pizza in the world

You thought this could go without the pizza? No way. This record was set in 2012 for the first time by a group of Italian chefs, and the latest attempt was by YouTuber Eric Decker teamed with Pizza Hut. They officially made the largest pizza in the world earlier this year, a 14,000-square-foot pepperoni pie.

5. Largest chocolate sculpture

Finally, a food record that is not set in the USA. The largest chocolate sculpture was created in Brazil by Equipe de Casa do Chocolate on April 2018, weighing 10,488 kilograms. It is a recreation of a traditional house, with all the inventory inside it made out of chocolate as well.

6. Most Big Macs eaten in a lifetime

Donald A. Gorske sure loves Big Macs. He has been a fan of McDonald's since 1972 and has eaten more than 32,000 burgers. Big Macs account for almost all of his solid food intake, and he drinks nothing but Coca-Cola. He's almost 70 and healthy as a horse. Talk about good genetics!

7. Longest sushi roll

It's only fair that the longest sushi roll came from Japan if the largest pizza didn't come from Italy. This sushi roll measures almost 3 kilometres (2,844 m) and was created by 400 participants in Tamana City Labor Athletic Center on November 2016.

8. Highest pancake toss

Proud of your pancake tosses? Well, this American called Dominic Cuzzacrea tossed his pancake for 9.47 metres and was rewarded with the highest pancake toss world record. That's pretty much it.

9. Largest cheesecake

Englishmen are among those who claim to have invented cheesecake, but the world record for everyone's favorite sweet dessert goes to the Russians. Created by a Cheeseberry Company in Stavropol, this cheesecake weighed 4,240 kg and was almost 2 m in diameter.

10. Largest fruit salad

This whole thing started as a bet, and after a while, an entire town of Checy (France) was involved. The official Guinness World Record states this salad weighed 10,340 kg. After the record was set, the salad didn't go to waste. Instead, part of it was donated to charity, and other part sold.

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