Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I have this theory... it isn't that I have too much stuff in my pantry, it's that my pantry is too small. And that I only have one oven... which today was in constant use making dried tomatoes. I tried doing them this time the way David suggested ("face down" on racks), but I have to say I kind of preferred the "raisiny" tomatoes - especially since they dried faster (aka I could pick them off the sheet sooner). Tomorrow's task is going to be making Korova cookie dough (with luck) and finding out ways to use the assembly of bulk ingredients I've collected (and finally labelled today!).

Once I do that... then I'll have a new recipe post for you!

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  1. I think that you don't have the right storage containers, if what you're showing is stuff from your pantry.

    As to liking the raisinish ones ... well, yes, they're nicer on salads. But the flat ones really will store better, I promise! And you can use scissors to cut them into chiffonade, which will make for an interesting addition to salads!


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