Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I Told You So...

I've been bad as far as cooking anything new lately, and even worse for blogging! I do apologize, since I've been so busy preparing to go to Niagara Falls on Monday and trying to get my friend Heather's blanket finished that something had to give! However, I did make those roasted beans again, and I took a photo this time! I changed up the sauce choice too, using my favourite hummus (Wendy and Barb's) thinned out with some lemon juice and extra pepper as a dressing. These beans are like French fries, they're so addictive! I tossed in some halved Juliet tomatoes with the beans as they roasted, and let them get all gooey and sweet as they carmelized. I love Summer!

As a total, bogus side note that has nothing to do whatsoever with my garden or Summer, this has got to be the most outrageous baking experiment I've seen in ages. I wonder if it tasted any good. Care to comment?

P.S. - any suggestions on must-do's for Niagara Falls? We'll be hopping over the border on the Rainbow Bridge for an afternoon, any foodie shops I can't miss? Or any only-in-America products I should stock up on? Info's appreciated, thanks!


  1. Holy cow, giant muffin! That looks fun.

    The sauce on the beans sounds yummy, too.

  2. Giant muffins look scary! :P I think they are fun to see, but not as fun as mini muffins to eat ;D

    Have fun at Niagara Falls!

  3. That looks like a good combo. Nice simple roasted beans with hummous. I'll have to try it, thank you!


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