Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Few things are as perfect for lunch at the end of a Summer day than a simple tomato-on-toast sandwich. It may not be sophisticated food, nor is it the type of meal likely to grace the pages of Bon Appetit, but it is the epitome of all things warm and sunny.

Mind you, it's probably one of the most seasonally-sensitive recipes out there. No way can you truly appreciate the glory of a tomato when it's been shipped miles in a cold, icy truck bed in the middle of November, even if it's on the best slabs of artisan bread and graced with home-made mayo. On the other hand, a ripe, red beefsteak plucked fresh from your garden (or your neighbours', if you are so fortunate!) is perfectly delicious on toasted, white Wonder bread with a dollop of Miracle Whip. Today, though, I savoured mine on lightly broiled sourdough spread with Nayonnaise, salt and pepper. A post-golf game snack never had it so good.

Do you do the tomato sandwich? What's your favourite combo?


  1. Probably my favorite summer meal. But I do mine either on a toasted bagel or on a Syrian Pita - with Helmans mayo, garlic salt and pepper. Yum!

  2. I need crusty bread, a little butter (actually Earth Balance) and a sprinkle of flaky salt on top. If I have mayo then bacon must be involved.

  3. Ooh, you know, that was just so ... frustrating to read! They don't really have tomatoes in the UK, did you know? Just some hideous things which have no flavor whatsoever.

  4. i like slice of tomato on flax bread with a thick slice of motzarella from a ball of cheese :) lol


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