Monday, September 10, 2012

Cookies... Makes Sense to Me!

No recipe tonight (tomorrow... fingers crossed!) but I just had to share this perfectly logical line of reasoning I found on Jen's latest post on Juanita's Cocina (Levain Bakery Chocolate Chip Cookies…and How Big is TOO Big for a Cookie?):

How big is too big for a cookie?
I’m of the mind that there is no such thing as a cookie that’s too big.
I mean, think about it.
If you can’t finish it at one sitting, you’ll still have more cookie later.
If you can’t fit it in one hand, that means a double-fisted cookie experience.
If your mouth can’t fit around the cookie to take a bite, you can break off custom bite-sized pieces.
More cookie=always a good thing.

I agree! Do you?

Be sure to take a look at Jen's post for Levain Cookies, or if peanut butter's more your thing try Carla's latest: Peanut Butter-Stuffed Chocolate Cookies! Caramel fiends (I'm looking at you, Dad) will appreciate the Alfajores from Family Foodie as well.

What's your favourite cookie?

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  1. I agree completely!! Is there such thing as a cookie that's too big?! - - I think not!!
    Ironically, last weekend I hosted my first cookie crawl - - have a look if you would like :


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