Sunday, January 7, 2018

Why #SundaySupper Matters

If you've been following me for some time, you'll know that I am periodically part of an amazing blog event known as the Sunday Supper Movement. While family, work and general life the past year has kept me from participating as much as I wanted to, the spirit of coming together and sharing meals is still something I value and try to instill in my students.

While family meals don't have to be on Sunday - and certainly don't only have to be one day a week, the weekend is the perfect time to start the tradition. If you don't have to be out or at work, popping a chicken in to roast or making an oven-braised stew is easy, low-labour and makes the house smell wonderful, calling even the most wayward youth to the table. If staying home isn't on the agenda, why not try a crock pot meal, or whip up a casserole the night before that can be popped in the oven when you get home? Even leftovers have the power to bring together a family - I have fond memories of my parents and I sharing a mix of hot and fridge-cold day-old Chinese takeout after a busy day at work and school. While it didn't take any effort on our part, or create the feel-good aromas of Mom's Paella or my Citrus and Herb Roast Chicken, it was something we all loved and brought us together for an hour or so. 

So this week, although I'm not officially participating in the round up, I still encourage everyone who reads this to incorporate family meals - Sunday Suppers or otherwise - into your rotation. The reasons are vast and varied - some are listed below in the Sunday Supper Pledge, others you will discover on your own. Need inspiration? Check the Sunday Supper Movement website or search for #SundaySupper on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

I believe in Sunday Supper …
Because it brings my family together to share joys and challenges.
Because it starts as one day and soon becomes more.
Because it teaches us the importance of unplugging and being present.
Because it makes me closer to the ones I love.
Because it allows us to nourish each other in both body and mind.
Because it creates cherished memories and traditions of togetherness.
Because it celebrates good food and homemade meals.
Because it cements a legacy of strong families.

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