Sunday, June 8, 2008

One More Reason Why I'm Marrying the Best Man Ever

Andrew and I went to the Brooklin Fair yesterday to watch the Demo Derby (and a car without a tire won!), and he brought me a Tim Horton's Camp Day plush puppie, and even better, a can of THESE!!

Ohh, yes, my friends, the good, UK-made, delicious things that are Baked Beanz. It is super hard to find the single-serve cans of them here (which I value because then I don't wind up with half- or 3/4- eaten cans lying in our fridge)... and in fact I have an online resource that I was just about to order from when he told me!

Ironically, Beanz were first imported to the U.K. from Canada until 1928. Then they got all "local" and started making their own (IMHO) better Beanz - which they didn't export! The Canadian ones just can't compare... Sigh.

All I was able to give him was some muffins from yesterday... I didn't even pay my way into the fair! What can I say...


  1. I have noticed that there are British offerings in the "ethnic" aisle of my grocery store. Not just the stuff we would associate - such as crumpets and various teas but I have also found British versions of products we consider American. I am going to have to take a look and see if there are any of these there.

    I would love it if my husband didn't make a huge can of baked beans, and then the rest just never gets eaten because I don't eat them.

  2. awww...that's so sweet of your fiance! He's definitely a keeper!!


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