Thursday, June 12, 2008

Randomly Sweet Thoughts...

I'm completely puzzled as to how my mind got into this track of thinking, but today I was all about wedding meal planning. Even though Andrew and I are officially engaged (and have been since August 2006), any matrimonial to-dos were thrown off course by my untimely downspiral into medical Hell and my subsequent loss of both job and college plans. That never really stopped us from dreaming about our future, but these days it's been mostly a "when we win the lottery" style of thought process.

Today though, my mind was on (of course) the catering options we'd have. Or, to put it more accurately, the catering options I'd have. Given my rather detailed (and irritating) intolerances to oils, meats, egg yolks, dairy and nuts, it pretty much cancels out any regular menu, not to mention a wedding cake. My mom and stepfather graiciously offered the use of their huge backyard for the reception, which by the time the wedding bells ring will be nicely fleshed out with various flowers and trees, so with that setting in mind I allowed my thoughts to drift to a "Cocktail and BBQ" style reception - that way we can have finger foods like sushi and tea sandwiches, along with salads and some hot meat-, seafood- and veggie-based entrees (ideas, anyone?) that could be made with minimal to no oils or sauces so that I could have them too! For a cake, what immediately sprung to mind was a berry-laden, lemony angel food cake. I don't think anything could say summer romance more than that!

I looked up angel food cakes for weddings, and was disappointed to find that it's not a very popular choice with bakeries. Apparently, they are difficult to assemble and transport (which personally I find hard to believe, having schlepped my share of them to various locations in Ontario). Am I out of luck when it comes to having a wedding cake made that I can eat? I'm not really that adverse to making one for the cutting ceremony (even though in reality I know it's probably not a good idea!), especially if it means I get cake on my big day too!

Anyways, those were the things that ran though my ever-racing mind today. I haven't talked to Andrew about any of these thoughts (seeing as he's busy graduating up in Ottawa right now), but when he comes home I'm interested to hear his thoughts, and anyone else's too!

I baked muffins today as well... so if I have time after coming home from my trip to Toronto's Chinatown (Spadina district) with my dad, I'll pass them along as well!


  1. Your best bet: find an independent baker or someone who works out of his or her home and does special occasion cakes. Even if the big bakeries say no way, chances are you'll be able to find someone who is talented and will. Plus, you'll be supporting a small business owner and get some yummy cake!

  2. Definitely check out smaller places that might not have wedding catering as an advertised thing. Lots of places are probably willing to work with you, they just aren't prepared for the whole wedding industry all the time.

    I'm amazed at the trouble I'm having finding a vegan cake in our relatively veg-friendly city. (One of PeTA's 10 Veg-Friendliest small cities, I believe.) I'm about 90% sure I'm just going to talk someone into helping me make cup cakes instead, since I plan to have a small reception party.

  3. I think cupcakes are a great idea. How about a cupcake tower and ask for some or all of the cupcakes to be angelfood? You could even forgo the icing and ask for them topped with berries or even just powdered sugar. I think all angelfood cupcakes dusted with powdered sugar would look beautiful and then you could serve fruit on the side.


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